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Association Documents

Here is a list of the Condominium Documents for our Association. Click on any link to view the document, then click on the down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the .pdf file to download it to your computer. Keep a copy of it on your computer for future reference, or print it out for your file.graphic

Articles of Incorporation  7-17-1972
  Articles-1st Amendment 2-21-1990
  Articles-2nd Amendment 3-13-1990

Bylaws 7-26-1972
  Missing Bylaws Amendments 1,2, 3
  4th Amendment 3-2-1987  
  5th Amendment 3-11-1987

Declaration of Condominium, ExhibitsB-C11.pdf
  1st Amendment 4-17-1973 , Exhibit C
  2nd Amendment 9-18-1973
  3rd Amendment 4-13-1982
  Fair Housing Act Notice 12-27-1989
  4th Amendment 2-8-1990
  5th Amendment 3-9-1990
  6th Amendment 6-9-1994
  7th Amendment 2-28-1995
  2009 Amendment 3-8-2009
  2018 Amendment 5-18-2018

Rules and Regulations   6-20-2018